Pulp is a digital accessibility firm founded in 2018 and based in Cambridge, MA.

Working with institutions, governments, and private sector corporations, we audit, remediate, and facilitate platform upgrading and contributor upskilling to achieve and maintain WCAG conformance.

We specialize in dynamic modern frontend technology, and we advocate a holistic and inclusive approach to design, content, and engineering.


Ari Rizzitano and Gregory Martin

Ari Rizzitano has a computer science education and a deep background in building teams, communities, and scalable software. She's a veteran technology leader who is passionate about mentorship and opportunity for early career engineers.

Gregory Martin has a fine arts education. He has a background in software engineering and has held management roles in media, engineering, and manufacturing.


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Pulp is a technical consulting firm. Nothing on the Pulp website, platform, or services, nor any portion thereof constitutes actual legal or regulatory advice, opinions, or recommendations by Pulp, LLC.
If legal assistance is required, users should seek the services of an attorney.