Access means Growth

Inaccessible products destroy revenue. Accessibility conformance and legal compliance improves engagement, user delight, and employee satisfaction.

Eight Trillion Dollars

People with disabilities rival China in addressable market size

1.3 Billion People

15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability

One in Four Americans

26% of Americans have some form of disability. That's 61 million people.

71% Churn

The vast majority of disabled users will abandon a site if they find it difficult to use.

181% YOY Risk Increase

In 2018, the number of federal web accessibility lawsuits in the United States alone nearly doubled.


Lawsuits can happen to anyone, and anyone means you.

Any website with US customers is vulnerable to litigation per Section 508 and the ADA. Anyone with a web presence doing business in the EU is subject to the Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Access is a competitive advantage.

Your competition understands the power of accessibility. Your users expect your products to be inclusive and accessible.

Successful companies understand the value of accessibility. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and countless other industry leaders prioritize accessibility both for their customers and within their organizations.

Accessible Software Means Better UX.

When you design inclusively, you create user experiences that elevate the medium. Analytics platforms don't differentiate users that may have disabilities, so it’s impossible to robustly quantify which users you're bouncing of conversions you've missed due to accessibility issues.

It's true that inclusive design benefits the millions of users with disabilities who use the web but, all users benefit — not just those with disabilities.

Accessibility Means Growth

When you ignore accessibility, you're transferring value to your competition. Inclusive products mean greater market share, more brand prestige, and a larger market. Large customers, especially large institutions, frequently require conformance documentation from vendors, and issues or a lack of information can kill B2B sales. Accessible products are a competitive advantage in competition for government contracts. Section 508 requires that an agency procure the most 508 compliant product currently available on the market.

Conformance Reduces Risk

Conformance can be expensive. Lawsuits are more expensive. All websites are subject to litigation. Many organizations struggle to prioritize and execute work, which leads to missed deadlines and legal vulnerability.

The future is accessible.