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Accessibility Testing and Auditing

Our accessibility audit reports provide straightforward feedback for engineers, designers, product owners, and managers. With comprehensive, customized, and data-rich reporting, your team can keep shipping.

⚡️ Lightning Fast Results

Pulp delivers audits within days, not weeks. Our auditors are highly technical and focus on one client at a time, allowing us to deliver results on pace with the modern software development lifecycle.

Actionable Reports for Modern Teams

Agile teams are focused on delivery. They don't have time to groom, triage, and prioritize the long list of issues generated from an accessibility audit. Our Audit Reports always include size, priority, classification, and remediation instructions for each violation. We make it easy to get the work in front of your product teams and out the door.

What's Included?

Using two different screen readers, plus our own proprietary inspection automation, we inspect every last piece of your product for accessibility issues. For every issue, we document what went wrong, why it matters, and how to fix it. An auditor might even experiment in the browser's dev console to make sure the recommended fix will work. We also include the specific criteria involved, level (if applicable), and links to tutorials or resources to help your team fix the problem.

Once the audit is complete, you'll receive a detailed audit report document, high-level executive summary, and an optional half-hour debrief call with your auditor to discuss findings and answer questions.

Why Choose Us?

As a boutique firm, we're highly attenuated to every client's individual needs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, technical or not, we take the time to understand your situation and tailor your report accordingly. Our audits are best-in-class, fast, and confidential. Use the comparison table below to determine which audit solution is best for your needs.

Focus AreaPulpOther FirmsAutomated Scanners
Elements Tested Invalid markup Invalid markup Invalid markup
Images Images Images
Color contrast Color contrast Color contrast
Single-page apps Single-page apps Single-page apps
Interactive elements Interactive elements Interactive elements
Specific workflows Specific workflows Specific workflows
Video content Video content Video content
Reports Include List of issues List of issues List of issues
Executive summary Executive summary Executive summary
UX design suggestions⚠️ UX design suggestions UX design suggestions
Follow-up call⚠️ Follow-up call Follow-up call
Code suggestions Code suggestions Code suggestions
Priority and estimate Priority and estimate Priority and estimate
Turnaround Time 7-10 daysDepending on site size, lead time, and workload. Ask about rush booking if you're in a hurry. 3-6 weeksLarger firms typically have greater lead times and take longer to complete audits. On-demandAutomated scan tools only reveal a fraction of the issues, but you can run them whenever you want.

Audit Plans


Ideal for product launches, lawsuits, or new accessibility initiatives.

  • Audit your entire product at once
  • Starting point for a VPAT or Accessibility Statement
  • Understand legal risk and vulnerability
  • Recommended frequency: annual


For redesigns, new features, platform upgrades, or incremental improvements.

  • Audit individual pages or components
  • Catch accessibility issues before they hit production
  • Same-sprint delivery
  • Recommended frequency: monthly

Accessibility Conformance Documentation

Invite users behind the scenes and show them how hard you work to design tools that delight and inspire. Include a dynamic roadmap and create a living document that moves as fast as you do.

With an accessibility statement, you're making usability part of your mission. Reduce exposure and provide transparency around your accessibility initiatives.

What we offer:

  • ACR or VPAT document based on audit results
  • Public-facing accessibility statement
  • AODA Accessibility Plan Documentation

We can help assemble an Accessibility Conformance report in VPAT format, to WCAG 2.1, AODA, US Section 508, and/or EU EN 301 549 criteria along with your audit report. This can serve as a living document reflecting your path to conformance. It's like your accessibility resumé.

With rigorous testing documentation, comprehensive accessibility conformance reporting, and a remediation roadmap, you're heading off compliance issues before they arise. You're clear about any areas where accessibility conformance is not supported and you're out front as an organization that puts users first.

Reduce exposure and give users transparency and a path for feedback around your accessibility initiatives.


Accessibility Statement

Aimed at general audiences, users, and internal stakeholders.

  • Target conformance level
  • Facilities for accommodation
  • Areas for improvement
  • Remediation plan


For enterprise customers and procurements offices.

  • Typically required for companies with government customers.
  • Table format, organized by target standard
  • Explains current conformance level for each criterion
  • Accepted by US federal and state agencies

AODA Accessibility Plan

An AODA-friendly plain-language document which outlines your organization’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers and meet its requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Accessibility Consulting and Support

While our audits include everything you need to triage and remediate accessibility issues, sometimes it's easier to talk to a human. Make the most of our staff's expertise with a support plan tailored to your needs.

What we can do:

  • Accessibility project planning
  • Accessibility office hours with your team
  • Audit deep-dive sessions
  • Code reviews
  • Third-party audit review and triage

Ask any (accessibility related) questions and get developer support for sticky remediation problems. Have an audit already but don't know where to start? We're happy to help fill the gaps.



Ongoing contractual coordination engagements for institutions, private industry, and governments. Accessibility guidance, planning, coordination, and support for organizations looking for subject matter expertise.


Scale your team, hour by hour. Book some time with an accessibility engineer for code reviews, engineering support, and design reviews.

Accessibility Training and Workshops

Until your team can build accessible software on their own, your organization will always require external help, complicating planning and straining resources. Our training courses get your team on their way to achieving and maintaining conformance independently.

Pulp staff has conducted accessibility coaching and training for corporate and conference audiences ranging from highly technical engineering staff to designers and content creators. Accessibility requires multidisciplinary thinking; cross-team collaboration and "shift-left" strategy are key pillars of a conformant organization.

Who we train:

  • Designers, UX, and Marketing
  • Engineers and QA
  • Product owners, management, and leaders
  • Content creators

Our workshops are designed for 10-50 person audiences. Half-day, full-day, and two-day programs are available.

What we cover:

  • Accessibility fundamentals and WCAG guidelines
  • Legal requirements and web standards
  • Assistive technology purpose and operation
  • Best practices for component libraries or design systems
  • Accessible color palettes, fonts, icons, and interface elements
  • Video, audio, and streaming content strategy and requirements
  • Effective copywriting for text alternatives, including images and charts
  • Semantic document structure
  • Triage and automated testing strategy
  • Accessible JS for custom controls, single-page apps, and dynamic content

Our curriculum focuses on specialized accessibility skills as well as collaboration. Through a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises, participants learn how to solve conformance challenges as a group.


Half-day, full-day, or two-day onsite training sessions tailored to one or more audiences.

  • General Audience Training
  • Product, UX, and Design Challenges
  • Inclusive Content Strategy
  • Engineering and QA Workshops

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